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Family Dental Practice In Riverview & Wesley Chapel, FL

Parkinson Dentistry is proud to have the opportunity to help patients from Riverview and Wesley Chapel and the surrounding communities get the smiles they need and desire. Our dentist, Robert Parkinson, treats his patients like family, which means that cleanings, crowns, and other procedures are performed with a strong emphasis placed on patient comfort. Parkinson Dentistry provides cosmetic and family dental services in a gentle manner with a focus on pain management.

Gentle Bedside Manner

Dr. Parkinson knows that going to the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience. Dental anxiety and dental phobia are common conditions, wherein a patient’s expectation of the visit is so negative that they may not be willing to undergo necessary treatments. In fact, there are some people whose fears are so strong that they never schedule an appointment in the first place. Either way, this fear causes too many people to avoid the help they need.

Our Riverview dentist understands the strength of these fears, so his focus is placed in assuaging them through his personalized bedside manner. Dr. Parkinson makes sure to listen to and address the fears of each individual patient. As a private practice, Parkinson Dentistry is able to take as much time as needed to help you relax during your dental visit. He also makes the operatory as comfortable as possible through the use of cutting-edge tools: digital radiography uses less radiation than traditional methods, intraoral cameras can locate oral health problems more precisely and comfortably, and electric hand pieces for quieter treatment.

Pain Management

Parkinson Dentistry does not only use a great bedside manner to gently treat each patient. For various procedures, we also use certain medications to help manage pain.

One option which Dr. Parkinson offers is nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous helps to create a sensation of euphoria within the patient. This feeling makes is easy to ignore the work the dentist does during your visit. If nitrous is not strong enough, he also provides valium as needed. This pill, taken orally, numbs the patient’s body, but allows the patient to stay awake throughout the procedure.

Whether through nitrous oxide or a valium pill, our Riverview and Wesley Chapel locations can help manage your pain during your visit. Being a private practice ensures that we take the time to properly assess your pain management needs and give you the appropriate medication, making your visit a much easier experience.

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Parkinson Dentistry sees our patients as family, so we strive to treat you as such. Our gentle dentistry can help anyone from Riverview, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, Brandon, Apollo Beach, and Fish Hawk. To find out how we can offer different dental services in a gentle manner, call one of our private offices today!