Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistrty In Riverview & Wesley Chapel, FL

Dentists who provide cosmetic dental procedures are able to help their patients restore and protect their teeth in ways that are not only effective, but also beautiful. Parkinson Dentistry is able to provide cosmetic dental procedures to Riverview, Wesley Chapel, and the surrounding communities.


Straighter teeth is a common cosmetic dental desire. Straighter teeth are not only seen as more beautiful by our patients, but are also much easier to clean and therefore are more likely to stay clean and beautiful. However, there are some people who balk at the thought of standard orthodontics. Whether they fear the discomfort of brackets and wires in their mouth or are worried about the visibility of the brackets when they smile, many of our patients would prefer a discreet, comfortable solutions to traditional metal braces.

To provide patients with a more aesthetic alternative, our Wesley Chapel dentist offers Invisalign®, a teeth straightening system that uses clear aligner trays to realign your smile. These trays are custom made to fit your teeth as they shift; making them much more comfortable and less noticeable than traditional orthodontics. As these plastic trays are clear, Invisalign® is much less noticeable than traditional braces to other people; when you smile, other people will only see your smile instead of brackets and wires.

Crowns, Fillings, and Implant Restorations

Another opportunity for cosmetic improvement is the restoration of damaged or missing teeth through dental prostheses. Traditionally, a tooth that had decayed or eroded would require an amalgam filling or metal crown, depending on the level of decay. Similarly, the only replacement for missing teeth was a full denture held in place by adhesives, a partial denture that clasped around healthy teeth, or a fixed bridge supported by crowns placed over neighboring teeth.

Each of these restorations has a drawback. Metal crowns and amalgam fillings are dark and noticeable, and the mercury in amalgam has made people uncomfortable, despite being used at safe levels. Denture adhesive is unreliable and leaves you with a loose bite. Partial dentures wear down the health of their abutment teeth; bridges require extensive, irreversible work on otherwise healthy teeth to support the bridge.

Cosmetic dentistry has solutions for each of these drawbacks, and Dr. Parkinson can provide these solutions to you.

Parkinson Dentistry only uses composite fillings, a body-safe resin that mimics the appearance and strength of naturally healthy teeth, to rebuild decayed sections of mostly healthy teeth. The porcelain crowns Dr. Parkinson offers meet the same needs as the composite filling, but do so while protecting the entire tooth if it has suffered extensive decay. Our Wesley Chapel Dentist also performs various restorations for dental implants – single-tooth crowns, implant-fixed bridges, and implant supported full dentures – which provide stable, beautiful replacements for missing teeth without affecting the health of the other teeth.

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